Home Tour: Cartoon-Inspired Playground Home


Jerry House is a holiday home that is a true escape from the rigours of daily life in the big city. Designed by the Bangkok-based creative studio Onion, the interior of the home at Cha-Am Beach for a family with four sons, who wanted a playful space that encourages a different way of…

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Mexican Home Converted To Cultural Library Center

Both the interior and exterior are great mixes of contemporary and traditional space, even with a tree shooting up through the center of the ceiling elevated space. Rows and rows of bookshelves line the walls, carrying all the way up to the ceiling in most cases– without any kind of height restrictions. Concrete and glass extends from the original plaster and brick structure, and it’s all worth it with glass louvres to allow natural ventilation and a glimpse of the interior ongoings.

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Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy - Hard

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